Payments Automation for Web3 Businesses

End-to-end payments process for web3 businesses. Pay, manage and reconcile your crypto and fiat transactions

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Everything you need to manage payments.

From small expenses to large salary payments, our end-to-end product offers a complete solution for your business.

View all crypto and fiat payments in one place.

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Pay & get paid faster, manage risks and automate compliance with Fractal. Whether you are managing expenses or paying freelancers in crypto or fiat, we can help you streamline your finance.

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Frequently asked questions

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    • Can I make crypto-to-fiat payments?

      Yes and we charge some of the lowest rates in the industry.

    • Do you connect with Quickbooks & Xero?

      Yes, we built native connections and can automatically reconcile your payments

    • Can I make payments via a Safe multisig wallet?

      Yes, our application is fully compatible with Safe

    • Can I pay contractors and vendors?

      Yes, our software is used to pay contractors and vendors. We have a specific salary management functionality for it.

    • Can I manage both crypto & fiat payments?

      Yes, you can manage both crypto & fiat payments

    • What currencies & chains you support?

      We currently process payments on Ethereum & Polygon and support all major currencies. We can build integrations with any chain upon your request.

    • Are you non-custodial?

      Yes, we are fully non-custodial and we never touch your funds

    • Is my data secure?

      Yes, we use encryption to protect your personal data.

    • Can I create a compliant invoice via Fractal?

      Yes, you can create an invoice, send a payment request to a client and get it paid.

    • Can I add my team members?

      Yes, you can add team members and manage payments together. You can even build your own compliance workflow.

    • Can you help me with tax accounting?

      Yes, we integrate invoices & bills with Xero and Quickbooks, and help you with tax accounting

    • Can I manage expenses?

      Yes, Fractal is built as a complete solution for web3 businesses and you can manage both crypto and fiat expenses